This week is our wedding anniversary. Even before we started TTC we’ve always celebrated anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, even half year anniversaries on occasion. But once we started fertility treatment, it became even more important for us – part of celebrating the little things along the way. It was also a good way of reminding ourselves that our relationship is our top priority, above everything else going on in our lives.

The thing is, we started fertility treatment one week after our wedding. So it feels like our whole marriage has been overshadowed by hormone drugs, emotional rollercoasters & disappointments. We also had a bunch of other stressful situations with deaths, family health scares & big changes with both our jobs. It would be easy to say this marriage business wasn’t such fun, but we’ve both kept good sight of the fact we’re dealing with something bigger & seperate to the marriage itself. 

I’ve had people say over the years how lucky I am to have such a loving marriage, and maybe there is an element of luck, but mostly it’s a lot of hard – good & worthwhile, but hard – work. We’ve both had to consciously choose love, & choose each other over and over. That can be hard enough when just dealing with normal, day to day stresses – but throwing in all the IVF stress takes things to a whole other level. I experienced a lot of side effects from the drugs – physically & emotionally – and I wasn’t always (often) a nice person to be around. It takes a lot of strength to keep loving someone when they’re not being so loveable – thankfully, my husband is good at loving me, even when I’m struggling to love myself (which lets be honest, is most of the time at the moment).

We were looking through our wedding photos recently & reminiscing. It was such a fun & happy day. With all the loss & disappointment we’ve experienced since then, it feels like our wedding day was the last time I was truely happy. 

So celebrating this anniversary is a mixed bag. On one hand it’s hard to seperate our wedding anniversary from all the tough stuff we’ve been through, but on the other hand I’m super grateful that inspite of, or maybe because of, all the hard shit, we still have a great marriage full of love, kindness & support…….and that, I think, is totally worth celebrating.


5 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. Anniversaries rock! We celebrate all kinds of things too – since my husband and I met on the blogs, we tracked the first time he left a comment on mine, which was 2/1/11, and make that our “day we met” anniversary 🙂

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  2. Happy Anniversary! I hear you about trying for most of marriage. We have been trying since 2012 and we got married in 2010. From years 2014- 2016 I didn’t feel like celebrating our anniversary because we were in the middle of the infertility journey and I didn’t feel like celebrating and putting on a happy face. Starting fertility treatments a week after the wedding must have been so stressful. You have been through a lot. Hugs. I hope you two get to do something special for your anniversary.


    • Thank you. It can be hard to celebrate & put on a happy face – I find celebrations that involve family & friends difficult & often don’t want to be part of them. We did go out for a nice meal together this year 🙂

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