from the other side (of the computer).

Sorry 😂 having gone to Adele’s concert over the weekend I’ve been using Adele quotes all weekend long!

I just wanted to say hi to all of you who have read, liked & commented on my blog. It really means a lot. Infertility can be a pretty isolating experience, so I was a bit worried about how it would be if my blog was just talking into a void…..thankfully, you’ve ensured I haven’t!

Also, if there is any topic you’d like me to write about, or any questions you’d like answered, please ask 😊

And yes, Adele was every bit amazing as I was expecting, and then some! We had fab seats, the weather was perfect & we had no probs getting to it from the concert. Adele has a wonderful voice, a beautiful smile and a great sense of humour – the songs were as good or better than her CDs which doesn’t often happen, and her chats in between were so friendly….I wish she was one of my friends! Her songs made many ppl cry anyway, but I was pretty fragile on the day, and then when she introduced one of my favourite songs of hers, she said it was about her son. So hard to have the best experience overlaid with my daily pain, but I guess this is my new reality 😢

PS if any of my blog posts resonate with you & you’d like to share them with others, please go ahead. If you know me outside of this blog, all I ask is please don’t share my identity 😘


3 thoughts on “Hello….

  1. So glad you had a nice time at the concert. You deserve to have so much joy in your life! Love Adele too – she’s so down to earth.
    I love your blog and reading your posts. Definitely keeps me sane and reminds me that there’s a wonderful sisterhood out there. xxx

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  2. Wow I’d say the concert was fab! Yeah it’s crap how infertility can affect even happy things. I’ve found recently that instead of just enjoying a movie, I’ll start feeling jealous of how easy characters are able to have kids and have their happy ever after. Like literally I was watching a Star Wars film last night and commented to my hubby, “I’m jealous of her fertility” about a character. so messed up!

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