Why me?

Studying sociology and anthropology is a good and bad thing. Good because it makes me think about the world from other peoples perspective, which we all should try to do. Bad, because when it comes to my infertility and childlessness, it’s all about me – so I don’t actually want to think about it from someone else’s perspective, I don’t really want to be aware of my privilege in this situation, because despite all my privilege, it didn’t f’ing help me did it?!

There’s a conversation happening round New Zealand at the moment that was started by a political party making a comment along the lines of “people shouldn’t have children if they can’t afford to raise them”. There is so much wrong with that statement I don’t really know where to start – there’s several essay’s worth of content there for sure. But the general idea coming from it is that ‘poor people’ aren’t desirable parents, it’s their fault they’re poor so therefore they don’t deserve to be parents.

I’m sure you’ve had similar thoughts, and I’m not proud of these, but through out disappointment after disappointment, I’d often make snap judgements about other people and their ability to reproduce: one night stands – how does everything align to make that even happen?! Those people that smoke, drink, eat unhealthily – how do they get pregnant so easily (cos of course I can tell this just by looking at them) when I give up every enjoyable food & drink in the vague hope that this might be the magic combo that works. People that have barely anything, and living on benefits etc – why do they get to have 6 kids when we have so much more to offer and we don’t even get one?!

These uncharitable thoughts continue, Why me? Why don’t I get to be a mother? Surely I deserve to be a parent? And particularly now that treatment is finished and we’re facing life without children, I often get caught in this cycle of Why me? What did we do to deserve this life we didn’t choose?

But actually, why not me? What makes me so special that I should be spared from experiencing life’s shittyness – why do I deserve parenthood more than anyone else? We all say we’d never wish infertility on our worst enemy – but making these judgements about other people that manage to get pregnant when we don’t, we’re (unintentionally) saying we don’t think those people should be allowed to experience the thing we most desire.

And it’s this awareness I don’t like – because really I’d like to wallow in my bubble of self pity and not face the ugly truth of those thoughts I already felt bad about.

But the reality is, for all that this childless outcome is pretty f’ing shitty, why not me?

PS: Despite this ‘annoying’ awareness I’ll probably still spend a decent amount of my time stamping my feet, yelling (possibly silently) “Why Me?” every time I have a bit of a meltdown 😜


5 thoughts on “Why me?

  1. I totally agree! It makes me very uncomfortable when people make value judgements on who should experience pregnancy/give birth and who should not. When people make those thoughtless, blanket statements it really reveals they never experienced infertility. It really bothers me! My own sister (who is a fertile) last week was saying something very similar to the discourse of your fellow New Zealanders. I just observed what she said and didn’t reply to her point. I was totally neutral. She realized she said something wrong and she said, “sorry about that.” And I asked her what she was sorry about. She said she was sorry that she believes people shouldn’t take government hand-outs when I know she meant “sorry for saying people living on government assistance shouldn’t have children” because deep down she knows we’re having a hard time conceiving and she kind of checked herself. I agree with the biblical perspective on human reproduction (specially Genesis 1:28).

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  2. Exactly. Money does not make someone a good parent. My uncle raised five wonderful boys by himself on a Bimart (some what like a Walmart) salary. He was a great dad and an awesome uncle – loved going to visit his place when I was a kid! There is so much more to being a parent then money. I wonder what kind of parent those politicians that spout off such nonsense are. I get mad at those that are shitty parents – neglectful, abusive, etc. They don’t know how lucky they are and are squandering it.

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