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Having you read my blog and comment/interact is such a lovely thing – sometimes it’s hard to feel like there’s a community I belong in, but connecting with people via blogging seems to be creating a new community for me to be part of.

And recently I’ve been nominated for some sweet blogging awards – so thanks to Dubliner In Deutschland, Post IVF World and Infertility and Life. The awards were slightly different with different rules, so instead of doing a post for each, I’m combining them and instead of me sharing the blogs I like reading (you can find them listed under Blogs I Follow) I’d love it if you commented below with a link to your favourite blog to read πŸ™‚

  • Why did I start this blog? Well, when I realised I was facing a childless life I went looking for other blogs of people going through similar things, and found only one written by a New Zealander (possibly the only one across Australia too), and that blog, while very interesting to read was in a very different space – having been blogging about their adjusting to living without children for many years. So I thought I’d write about my experiences incase anyone else on this side of the world was going through something similar and wanted to read some more recent thoughts/feelings. I’ve yet to connect with many New Zealand or Australian bloggers though, so if you know of any I’d love to know about them.
  • Top Blogging tip – be honest, share the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • I love travelling (though haven’t been doing as much as I’d like lately….cos you know, fertility treatments and $$). Off the top of my head the countries I have visited are: Australia, America, Vietnam, Taiwan, Croatia, Slovakia, France, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Mallorca, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece, Malta, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Antigua, Trinidad & Tobago, & Norway.
  • Once upon a time I could play the flute quite well.
  • I spend way too much time on Twitter & Instagram.
  • I had 2 penpals from about 14yrs old – one of them I’ve lost touch with (after meeting several times in real life) and the other, we’ve switched to emails – but still send real mail for Birthdays and Christmas. (If you like getting real mail and want to exchange some real mail let me know!).
  • I’ve always dreamt of being in a netball team – but due to my lack of co-ordination, and not wanting to commit to something every weekend I’ve never actually been brave enough to join one!

Now its your turn πŸ™‚ Share a favourite blog and/or a random fact in the comments.

And a big thank you for continuing to help me be part of the blogging community.


10 thoughts on “Blog Community

  1. So happy yo managed to do this post, i think sometimes its nice to do something different isn’t it?
    Great idea to do them all combined too!
    It was a great read! I’ve always love netball but i’m the same, not confident enough to actually join a team!

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    • Can i also ask.. did you do something special to link it up so that i got a notification on my blog when you tagged me? I have tried to do this with other people before and it doesn’t seem to work!


      • Glad you enjoyed this post. No I didn’t do anything special – I just assumed people’s linked to in e post would get a notification….but now I think about it I never receive notifications when other people have linked to me, but it did notify me when I linked to one of my older posts! On the iPad now, but when on the laptop I’ll loose through the settings and see what they are.

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      • I had a look – if you go to settings, then Discussion, there are options for turning on and off notifications for various things – including when you link to other blogs and when other blogs link to you. So maybe the people that have linked to me previously don’t have this turned on & that might why I haven’t previously had notifications either πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better! I used to have penpals when I was younger too but lost touch with them. That’s so cool that you still exchange real cards with one! Getting post that isn’t just a bill is always fun! I often consider joining adance class – ( I’d love to learn rock and roll/swing style!) but don’t like committing myself to something every weekend either. And I worry I’d be partnered up with someone creepy!


  3. Great post and good idea to combine them. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better, I think this community is great, there’s a little place for all of us ☺️ I visited NZ about 10 years ago when I back packed around the world for a year, it was my favourite country out of the 10 I visited. It was winter, so the South Island in particular was stunning. I’m glad to have your blog to read, I think you’re doing so well. Thank you 😊


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