The Grinch of Halloween

I’m currently hiding away, pretending not to be home and feeling like a right party pooper. The neighbourhood is filled with happy families and noisy kids going trick or treating.

For a start, this was never something that was done when I was a kid, so I’ve never participated & it’s never really been my thing….it’s possible it’d have grown on me if I had my own kids begging to play. Instead, I’m wishing everyone would shut up & go home. I don’t want to listen to their happiness & I don’t want to sit here anxiously hoping no one rings the door bell. I closed the gate (which we don’t normally close) and had meant to hang a sign on it saying No Trick or Treaters, but I got home a bit later than planned and everything was in full swing, there’s been no chance to dash to the gate without being accosted by various creatures.

And because there’s no sign out, I don’t want anyone to see I’m home – which means I haven’t had dinner, as when I’m in the kitchen I’m in full view of anyone walking down the street. Also means I can’t do the things on my to-do-list I’d planned to do tonight, because its all set up in the spare room – also in full view of the street. So I sit here getting crankier, and hangry, and pissed off at the world at yet another occasion stolen from my by infertility. Yet another day of the year I’m reminded I don’t belong, and get my grief thrown back in my face.

One day hopefully I’ll be able to willingly hand out lollies to random kids….but for now I just hope I get some dinner soon.


4 thoughts on “The Grinch of Halloween

  1. Ha… We live in a neighborhood that is full of kids but for some reason the uptight parents have decided that they are going to create an online map and you have to sign up to be a trick or treating house, rather than simply relying on porch lights being on as has been the culture in America for decades… I just learned about this after wondering why I would buy full-size candy bars and have them in a big bowl by the front door and end up eating most of them myself because we never got any trick or treaters… So not only did we not get anybody at our front door but I ended up eating 10 lb of candy! (And I agree after these last couple of years the concept of even looking at trick or treaters makes me turn off all the lights in the house as well…) . This year they’ve decided that they are only having a few select streets in our neighborhood for the sign up because God forbid kids walk more than three blocks to get their free candy (they wouldn’t condescend to walk all the way down to our street it appears…)… What a bunch of twats.


    • The website thing is just starting to take off here. I’d be happy if it was something like have a pumpkin or lights outside to indicate you’re playing – as not everyone is following the website so still getting ppl coming through the Shut gate!
      Ugh, 3 blocks ain’t far! Though good protection for you – apart from the 10lb of chocolate, opps!


  2. Oh bless you, what a crap night for you. To be honest we ate virtually in the dark and then came to bed early, we didn’t want the kids coming to our house either. The things we do, people just don’t realise how things affect us. I hope you got something to eat in the end lovely 💜

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