After four years of fertility treatment, and longer of trying to conceive, we’re calling it quits. The emotional roller coaster of fertility treatment has taken its toll so now its time to save our sanity. Facing a life without children is terrifying and full of a whole other set of challenges, somehow we need to find a way to live a life that’s different from the one we had chosen.

Infertility is still quite an invisible topic and not everyone is able to share their stories or talk about what they’ve been through. And mostly the stories that are shared, are those where someone has got their happy ending, unfortunately there are a lot of people who go through treatment without getting a happy ending. So this is a blog about a Kiwi gal creating a different ending. Hopefully this blog will provide some insight into what it’s like to learn to live again & create a whole new life. And if you’re facing the same challenge, then maybe this’ll help you feel less alone.